Google’s Algorithm Updates: March 2024 Core Update

Have you noticed a shift in your search results lately? Google just rolled out its latest core update in March 2024, and it’s all about making search a more helpful and informative experience for everyone. This update, dubbed the “March 2024 Core Update” or the “Spring Cleaning Update” by some, focuses on improving the quality of information you see by reducing unhelpful and unoriginal content.

What is included in this Google update?

This update isn’t just a single tweak; it’s a multi-pronged attack on unhelpful content. Here’s a deeper dive into what Google is targeting:
  • Demoting Low-Quality Content

    Google's been refining its algorithms since 2022 to identify and demote content that brings little value to searchers. This includes "thin content" with minimal substance, pages stuffed with irrelevant keywords, and content automatically generated by AI for SEO purposes.

  • Identifying Evolving Spam Tactics

    Spammers are always adapting, and Google is constantly working to stay ahead. This update targets new tactics like repurposed content, website squatting (creating websites with the sole purpose of attracting ad clicks), and even obituary spam.

  • Elevating Expertise and Insights

    The core of this update lies in prioritising content that demonstrates expertise, in-depth research, and unique insights. Google wants to surface content created by passionate and knowledgeable individuals, not just churned out for search engine ranking.

What does this mean for you?

Searchers can expect to see a significant shift in the quality of search results. Here’s how this update impacts different users:
  • Google Searchers:

    Get ready to see more high-quality content that truly addresses your search queries. Google aims to deliver results that are trustworthy, informative, and directly relevant to your needs. Imagine searching for a recipe and being greeted by pages brimming with detailed instructions, helpful tips, and mouth-watering visuals – that's the kind of experience Google strives for.

  • Google Content Creators

    Now's the time to focus on creating unique and valuable content that provides insights and analysis. Back up your claims with research, data, and multimedia elements like high-quality images and videos. Google rewards content that demonstrates a genuine understanding of the topic and caters to the user's intent, not just search engine algorithms.

Staying ahead of the curve.

The search landscape is constantly evolving, and Google’s algorithm updates are a big part of that. Here are some tips for staying ahead of the curve:
  • Focus On User Experience

    Remember, Google prioritises content that users find helpful. Put your audience first, create content that solves their problems or fulfils their needs, and prioritise a positive user experience.

  • Stay Updated With Google's Guidelines

    Google regularly publishes updates and resources on its Search Central blog ( Make it a habit to stay informed about the latest algorithm changes and webmaster guidelines.

  • Embrace Quality Over Quantity

    It's better to have a few well-researched, informative pieces than a plethora of thin content. Focus on creating in-depth content that establishes you as an authority in your field.

The March 2024 Core Update is a significant step towards a more helpful and informative search experience. By understanding the changes and adapting your content strategy, you can ensure your website thrives in this evolving landscape. So, the next time you head to Google, you can be confident you’re getting the most helpful and informative results available, and if you’re a content creator, you’re well on your way to providing the kind of content that Google, and more importantly, your audience, value.

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